The LEGO Batman Movie: Lego Fixed The Universe Of DC Superhero

The LEGO Movie is an amazing movie. Chris Miller and Phil Lord directed animation makes a beloved toy to transform into a colorful, ideal and surreal song-filled fantasia. The best about it is that it has Batman on it.

Voiced by Will Arnett (Arrested Development), channeling a little bit of Christian Bale’s gravelly gravitas, the Dark Knight ripped on the gloomy uber-hero persona with chutzpah. With this Gotham’s gets his own LEGO movie. The movie is about the top-selling toy which is a tie in a might sound.

Miller and Lord fully embroiled the shooting of Star Wars young Han Solo spin-off movie. The LEGO movie is so much for a Batman flick. So, you must not expect about a cameo from Benny the Spaceman, Emmet, or Princess Unikitty. The setting is a LEGO-built Gotham, and Arnett’s Caped Crusader follows the mythology of Batman. The alter ego of the billionaire Bruce Wayne, the crime-fighting vigilante, oversees operations from Batcave with his butler Alfred Pennyworth (voiced by Ralph Fiennes) for the company.

Sitting alone in the home, the superhero enjoys lovely long Dark Nights of the soul while eating microwaved lobster Thermidor and watching a Jerry Maguire in his home cinema. During the ‘you complete me’ scene, he laughs, and the Bat needs someone to love.

Commissioner Gordon’s daughter Barbara (Rosario Dawson) is in charge and said that Batman’s vigilante antics had not lowered the crime rate entirely at Gotham. Moreover, the Caped Crusader became more redundant as the Joker cooks up a sneaky plot. Meanwhile, as Batman is moping around, he doesn’t recognize the arrival of Dick Grayson (Michael Cera), a young orphan in his life.

The movie can give you a feeling of themes with family, a sense of belonging, and togetherness.

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